CloudCrowd is probably the best free work from home platform. The majority of jobs offered are writing and editing jobs that are not only in English, but also in French and in German. Simple administration and keyword research tasks can also be found there. In order to join the platform, all you need is a Facebook and a Paypal account.

To start working you must pass the tests which you would find under Available work – Credentials section. The big difference between Cloudcrowd and other Work from home platforms is that you don’t need to write an application and to compete with other workers to get the job. The first one who takes the available job and meets the criteria, gets it. To meet the criteria the worker has to have required credentials and satisfactory working record.

Depends on your skills and credentials the worker can earn up to $25 per hour. The payments are processed on every business day around 5pm PST. New tasks are available on a daily basis.

All workers with strong command of English, French and German can make the living working on CloudCrowd platform. Try it! It is totally free to join!