CloudCrowd is probably the best free work from home platform. The majority of jobs offered are writing and editing jobs that are not only in English, but also in French and in German. Simple administration and keyword research tasks can also be found there. In order to join the platform, all you need is a Facebook and a Paypal account.

To start working you must pass the tests which you would find under Available work – Credentials section. The big difference between Cloudcrowd and other Work from home platforms is that you don’t need to write an application and to compete with other workers to get the job. The first one who takes the available job and meets the criteria, gets it. To meet the criteria the worker has to have required credentials and satisfactory working record.

Depends on your skills and credentials the worker can earn up to $25 per hour. The payments are processed on every business day around 5pm PST. New tasks are available on a daily basis.

All workers with strong command of English, French and German can make the living working on CloudCrowd platform. Try it! It is totally free to join!




Elance is a professional community of independent workers with a huge database of freelance jobs where individuals and companies can hire other individuals or other companies. The platform is being constantly updated with new work from home opportunities. Many various types of jobs are being offered, professions like writers, translators, designer, programmers, marketing, sales and financial professionals (among many others) are in constant demand.

In order to get a job, freelancer needs to submit an application, while a job poster is the granting the job to the most suitable applicant. Elance is offering free and paid membership. Free membership has restriction in number of (monthly) job applications, also free member can apply in only one category (the one that he chose at beginning of the month). Elance is offering $10/month membership for individuals and also $20/month and $40/month membership for individuals and companies.

The community has a large base of members, mostly because it is offering a free membership which is causing a huge competition especially for those less demanding jobs. It results in low wages for those jobs. In opposite a large database of freelancers offers a large variety of special skills being offered which can be very tempting for the job posters.

In short Elance is a great choice for very skilled professionals (like Programers, Business Consultants, etc.) and also for individuals and companies seeking for quality workforce. On the other hand if you are looking for a simple online jobs like data entry or writing, I advise you to look somewhere else because wages are relatively low.

Visit the website! is legit work form home scam-free job opportunity where you can earn extra money or even make a living by uploading your photos. Actually is a portal where you can sell your photos online.

The idea is very simple – all you need is to upload your genuine photos and than you will earn when someone downloads your photo. You can upload as much photos as you want, there is no limit. Standard rate per picture download is $0.5 and you can earn maximum $125 for one picture uploaded.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to earn the money with this job! All you need is a camera and a will to consider great photos! When you join the program you will get an access to an educational material that will help you to improve your photographer skills. Private coaching is another membership service offered, very useful for beginners.

The membership costs $1 for the first week (trial) and than if you want to continue with the program, monthly membership costs $27. The program offers 60 day money back guarantee policy in case you join the program and you find out that it is not working for you.

In short, is highly recommendable work from home opportunity where you can benefit from your passion to take the photos.

Home Job Group

Link to the Website

Home Job Group is a membership program with the large database of work from home job opportunities. The platform provides members with constantly updated list of companies who are looking for part-time home workers to perform different types of jobs, such as customer service, proofreading, assembling or data entry.

The members are having access to many work-from-home job offers on regular basis. Home Job Group states to have over 1500 companies that post new jobs on regular basis for those who want to work from home. Some of regular jobs on the job list are Article Writer and Editor, Proofreader, Graphic Designer, Virtual Assistant and Administrative worker. The pay scale for these jobs varies according to the company and the workload. Average worker can earn between $200 and $2000 per week.

To sign up for the Home Job Group, a new member will have to pay one-time membership fee of $49.99. All those who pay the membership and join the program will be granted with bonuses. These bonuses will include a resume writing kit, job placement assistant service and with e-books that will help you to polish your skills. There is also an 8-week money back guarantee policy in case you join the program and find out it is not working for you.

In summary, Home Job Group is very interesting and highly recommendable work from home job opportunity that will help you to earn enough for a decent lifestyle.

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